IT Support

24/7/365 Support! Whatever your IT problem is, we’ll sort it.


What technology to buy, where to buy it, how to get it working and how to maintain it.

Cloud & Hosting

Dependable, flexible and hassle-free hosting. As well as Domain Registration with full control panel.

Website & CRMs

From CRM’s to SEO we aim to help you make the right decisions.

Digital Marketing

What’s the best way to top the search engine rankings? Get social!


Are you a passionate IT entrepreneur? We will not only provide your own panel but also nourish your idea and business.

Technology should make small businesses more productive, not waste their time. Whether it’s a crashed computer that’s holding you up, you’re in need of a whole new network or some staff training, we offer you that peace of mind.

bitBirds Solutions is the leading IT support provider in Bangladesh. We are your IT department. We’re a team of friendly expert IT engineers and we love technology. We realize that you might have difficulties here, and that’s why we’re here to help.

  • Access to a team of skilled engineers.
  • Expertise you can count on.
  • A Single point of contact.
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